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For many college campuses across the country, enrollment can make all the difference. The number of students present on campus can impact things like the amount of funding an institution receives, the programs made available, and whether or not more students will choose to enroll. Though many colleges have been a part of the United States for multiple decades, many still face issues with their higher education enrollment software. Understanding the common issues with the software that colleges face can help institutions understand what changes they can make to improve.

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One of the first issues with higher education enrollment software is the lack of uniformity between offices on campus. If the enrollment office uses a certain type of software and the admissions office uses another, there can be issues with the offices sharing information. The impact on the ability to report can lead to false information spreading between the different offices, as well as the students applying.

Another issue with higher education enrollment software is the lack of transparency in the process. When a system is hard to read, the students applying will become uncertain of what they need to do moving forward. This leads to increased calls and emails to offices.

For additional information on higher education enrollment software, please review the attached video.


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