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Early childhood development is essential for children. The right lessons today could pay off through not just childhood, but life in general. Parents considering preschools should look closely at the curriculum for any such programs under consideration. Likewise, pre-K administrators and teachers should also closely evaluate curriculum and lesson plans.

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At first glance, preschool may seem to be all play. Yes, students will be spending much of their day playing, but often subtle lessons, such as sharing and working with friends, are integrated into playtime. Teachers can also encourage reading, even if most students aren’t yet reading themselves, by reading engaging stories to their classes.

Lesson planning doesn’t need to be a burden. Many engaged educational experts have been developing pre-K lesson plans for many years. When it comes to building a curriculum for a preschool, teachers today can rely on lessons learned in the past.

Of course, every state or jurisdiction will also have its own core requirements. Folks planning curriculums will need to meet these core requirements. Once the basics are checked off, there is often a lot of room to implement other strategies and methods. What’s vital is keeping children and their needs front and center.


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