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For any special equipment, proper maintenance can make the difference between a machine lasting months or years. For forklift operators, that means bringing it to a mechanic who knows the proper steps to fix the vehicle and taking preventative actions to keep it functioning properly. When considering forklift service and repair planned maintenance, knowing the steps can have a large impact on the vehicle’s lifespan.

The first step is the mechanic having a talk with the operator upon arrival. This is a chance for the operator to explain any issues or concerns they have seen with the forklift.

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It’s important to provide as much information as possible to receive the best service.

From here, the mechanic will perform an operational test. This is to ensure the vehicle is able to perform its designated duties without issue. This can provide valuable insight as to where they should begin their work.

The next step is a visual inspection. Here the mechanic will inspect both the interior and exterior of the vehicle looking for any signs of damage or faulty parts. Discovering these problems can prevent the vehicle from breaking down the line.

For additional information surrounding forklift service and repair planned maintenance, please review the attached video.


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