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Owning any animal comes with major responsibilities and costs. With horses, understanding how to manage these costs while providing the horses comfort can be difficult. However, knowing how to utilize pine pellets can allow you to do both. Laying pine pellet horse stall bedding can be cost-effective, comforting to the animal, and easy on you.

The first step is getting the pellets. The typical horse stall can require six to 10 15kg bags of pellets.

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Start by laying down a layer of dry pellets with a couple of bags. These will help capture moisture.

From here, you will want to add water to the rest of the pellet bags in order to get them as soft and fluffy as sawdust. Each bag will typically need a gallon of water but this amount can change depending on the brand of pellets used. Plag each individual ag into a bucket and then slowly incorporate the water over top to best prevent spills. It may take some time for the water to absorb into the pellets, so it may be necessary to let each bucket sit for a short period of time before applying it over the dry layer of pellets.

For additional information on pine pellet horse stall bedding, please review the attached video.


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