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There are a lot of children going to preschool each year, 1.5 million to be exact, with 32% of them being four years old and 5% of them being three. If your child is in one of those age ranges, then you will want to find the best one for them. That could mean sending them to a private school. Here are three characteristics of a great private preschool.

1. There Is a Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

You want your child to get as much attention as possible when they are in a classroom. When you drop them off at a great private preschool, you should be comfortable knowing that they will get the attention that they deserve from their teacher throughout the day rather than worrying that they’ll be lost in a crowded class. That way, you won’t have to be concerned about your child potentially falling through the cracks or not having troublesome behavior or learning disabilities identified early on and corrected.

2. The Teachers Are Both Educated and Caring

A great private preschool will hire the best of the teaching group. You should be able to see that in action when you visit. The teachers should be attentive to all the children in the class and make sure that each child is taught things in an encouraging way. You should envision your own child having a great time in that particular classroom with the teachers at a private institution.

3. The School Has a Nurturing Environment

You will be dropping your child off for several hours each day, whether it’s a full-day or a half-day program, and you want to know that these teachers will have your child’s best interests at heart all the time. A great private preschool will have those teachers and you will feel confident that you’ll be picking up a happier child at the end of each school day. That peace of mind is very important.

There are other things to look out for, like seeing that the teachers are also supported by the administration and that the classroom has a joyful vibe to it. This is a time when kids should be happy, and preschool should help ensure that.

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