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When choosing a junk removal service, it is important to know what questions to ask to ensure the job is being done right. Hiring the company that offers the best deal may not always get you the best results. Look for the company that best fits the needs of the job.

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Start by asking about their available vehicles. A company that operates with just a pick-up truck will not be able to handle a whole house cleanout as effectively as a company with a full-sized cubed truck. Using a smaller vehicle for a bigger job will not only cost you more in fuel, but it will also take more time to complete. Some companies offer a free estimate before being worked on a job, which can allow you to understand which vehicles they have available, as well as allow them to gauge which is the right fit.

The next thing to ask about is insurance. Does the company have insurance in place for their vehicles, your property, and their workers? If not, any damage that occurs during the job may fall on you to pay for.

For additional information about choosing the right junk removal service, please review the attached video.


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